Webinar 15 June: How a modern WAN transforms grid operations


Webinar broadcast: Tuesday, 15 June 2021

10h00 New York | 14h00 GMT | 15h00 London | 16h00 Amsterdam | 16h00 Johannesburg | 19h30 New Delhi | 22h00 Singapore

60-Minute session

Learn how pioneering grid operators have modernised their WAN communications to help transform their grid operations.

This discussion will cover business cases, staff skillset development and lessons learned. It will also highlight the efficiency and reliability benefits of modern WANs, along with the many use cases that they enable, including distributed renewable energy generation and protection.

Our panel will explain why WANs based on IP/MPLS and optical technology have been critical to their digitalisation journey.

Key topics:

  • Real-life experiences with WAN transformation
  • WAN business cases and staffing requirements
  • Benefits of deploying WANs based on IP/MPLS and optical technology
  • Key use cases for WAN

Jorge Lopes, Head of SCADA & COMIN | Creos
Michael Wener, Responsible for Communication Infrastructure | Creos
Tamatea Raust, Network and Telecoms Engineer | RTE
Amadou Louh, Strategic Advisor Telecom | Stedin