Hydro-Québec launches advanced fault detection solution


Hydro-Québec has partnered with CGI to launch MILES, a solution to address the root causes of electricity outages before they occur.

Hydro-Québec, which manages the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity across Québec in Canada, will implement this innovative advanced data analytics solution for fault detection, localisation and diagnosis.

The solution is designed to generate clear and timely insight on distribution system faults that are the source of outages and/or customer complaints.

CGI will be responsible for the industrialisation and commercialisation of the solution worldwide, as well as for its implementation, support and integration within utility business operations.

MILES’ predictive maintenance, fault-location algorithms and advanced data analytics features enable the detection and diagnosis of both permanent and momentary faults, including recurring, hard to identify network issues.

MILES was developed by Hydro-Québec’s industry-leading research institute, IREQ, and has been used by the utility for several years with great success.

MILES enables grid operations to deliver timely and accurate information on fault location and probable cause to outage restoration crews. It also improves maintenance planning by providing comprehensive insight on the root cause of outages and customer complaints.

Thorough case studies conducted by Hydro-Québec have demonstrated that MILES’ distinctive data analytics features strategically contribute to improving electric network reliability by reducing outage frequency and restoration times. These studies also have highlighted a reduction in customer complaints, as well as significant cost savings generated by reduced crew patrol times and more efficient maintenance and equipment.

MILES integrates with CGI’s industry-leading utility-centric software portfolio, enhancing clients’ outage management response and field service operations, as well as supporting advanced maintenance strategies and monitoring.

“We’re excited to partner with CGI in launching a solution that promises to transform how utilities address momentary faults,” said Jean Matte, director of the Hydro-Québec research Institute. “We have been working with CGI for many years, and its extensive information technology/operational technology expertise within the utilities sector, as well as its deep implementation experience, will help utilities everywhere leverage MILES to improve their condition-based maintenance and network reliability strategies.”