IEEE ranks Pennsylvania utility sixth nationwide and first statewide


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has ranked PPL Electric Utilities sixth among 93 US utilities in service reliability.

The utility has been ranked the first in the Mid-Atlantic region when measured on the frequency of outages on its system.

The average PPL customer saw well below one power outage of five minutes or more over the course of last year.

2017 was the most reliable in PPL’s history. Compared to 2007, PPL customers experienced a total of 550,000 fewer interruptions in 2017.

Power quality and reliability are the top factors in customer satisfaction.

Among large utilities nationally, PPL Electric Utilities ranked third in customer satisfaction on that topic, according to a recent national survey.

Greg Dudkin, president of PPL Electric Utilities, said:  “A combination of investments in smart grid technology, in upgrading power lines, poles and other equipment, and in comprehensive tree trimming and clearing have paved the way for this continued improvement.

“We continue to use technology to help us work smarter and more efficiently, whether it’s using big data to help drive improvements or studying how best to approach the growing appetite for distributed energy resources like solar, the customer experience remains our focus. The communities we serve depend on us. Our job is to keep delivering for them.”