Utility to access grid data 240 times faster than before


In Mexico, energy company IENOVA has installed a new technology at its solar facility in Pima to ease the integration of renewable energy into the main grid network.

IENOVA has commissioned the active control software developed by PXISE Energy Solutions for installation at the 110MW solar facility.

The software will provide advanced supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) functions including individual and central monitoring, system control, and frequency regulation to support operations and increase system efficiency.

The platform uses machine learning to provide IENOVA with real time data, 240 times faster than normal SCADA systems, regarding the status of grid.

The technology runs on a standard Microsoft Windows and was co-developed and licensed by Osilsoft and has been adopted by utilities including Con Edison and Horizon Power

Patrick Lee, president of PXISE Energy Solutions, said: “Our platform will provide Pima Solar with the latest grid-management technology to achieve operational efficiency, while seamlessly integrating their renewable power generation onto the grid.”

The solar facility was completed in 2018.

Carlos Barajas, CEO of IEnova. “We are developing additional renewable projects in Mexico that will greatly benefit from the ACT platform’s ability to scale up and expand the use of this technology to meet our future needs on those facilities.”