Industry getting to grips with flexibility challenge


While the challenges of ensuring adequate flexibility in an ever more complex electricity grid are increasing, frameworks are evolving and stakeholders are responding positively to this, believes industry analyst Guidehouse Insights.

In an exclusive interview for Enlit Europe, Guidehouse Associate Director, Pritil Gunjan described a more complicated operational grid that has emerged but said, “We believe that the ecosystem across various stakeholders is equipped to manage and embark on that flexibility journey.”

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Gunjan said that currently transmission system and distribution system operators are looking at flexibility through a very critical lens as to how they are going to support and drive the energy ecosystem. “But we are no longer in a centralised model. And that’s been acknowledged and incentivized through numerous incentives across regions. There is definitely a positive trajectory in how these resources are going to develop.”

Gunjan said that the needs right across the flexibility spectrum are going to drive investments and while much of this investment will come from the generation and energy storage side, the role of digitalisation is going to be extremely critical. “Investments around more digital solutions, investment in flexible assets, like storage – those are some of the areas we think are going to develop more rapidly.”