Intelligent meters for domestic demand management


PRI Ltd., a market leader in the development and supply of computerised electronic meters and software, has unveiled its Intelligent Credit Meter i-credit – a single phase domestic electricity consumption meter (ICM-400) which will introduce consumers to the opportunity for domestic demand management. At the same time energy retailers will benefit from the wide scope of tariffs offered for the consumer household market.

The ICM-400 electricity meter is a one- or two-element intelligent meter, capable of storing usage profiles and controlling loads. The second element allows for off-peak energy measurement of water or other heating energy consumption. Four-quadrant elements allow the measurement of imported, exported or reactive energy, to meet the growing demand for metering of alternate energy sources such as solar panels.

The i-credit ICM-400 has been designed to be used as a 15 or 30 minute interval energy monitoring device for settlement and demand side management. The consumer information panel (CIP) shows users the current cost of energy being consumed, allowing suppliers to influence changes in behaviour by using different tariffs at different times of the day. The meter data is compatible with MVRS and MV90 data transfer standards that can be downloaded on site or remotely, thus enabling AMR for reduced meter reading costs.