IPKeys breaks into energy demand aggregation market with NAPP acquisition


According to BusinessWire, IPKeys, the US demand response resource provider has formally announced its entry into the energy demand aggregation market upon the establishment of its wholly owned subsidiary, IPKeys Power Partners and acquisition of North America Power Partners. IPKeys offers utilities a range of advanced metering with web-based reporting tools enabling them to automate their demand response processes. Through its subsidiary, IPKeys Technologies LLC, it provides ‘standards based energy interoperations software, network communications engineering and enterprise security solutions’ that allow electricity suppliers and their customer to benefit from a more reliable grid.

Managing Director & CFO of IPKeys.Robert Nawy said the acquisition ‘Will ultimately benefit consumers with greater choice and economic incentives for wise energy consumption and efficiency by providing consumers with access to the Energy Interop Server and System (EISS™) technologies we have been developing for the past five years for suppliers and manufacturers.’

‘We are pleased to be joining the IPKeys organization. By combining the market operations and DR expertise of NAPP with the advanced technology and development capabilities of IPKeys, we are positioned to be a significant contributor to the multi billion-dollar Smart Grid market. This acquisition provides greater value to our customers while addressing the need for improved flexibility, speed and reliability of demand management for utilities and power grid operators’, commented Laurie Wiegand-Jackson of NAPP.

Original story: BusinessWire