Italian grid operator awards 3,000 euro demand response contract


Italian grid operator Terna has selected Enel X to participate in its Authorised Virtual Mixed Units initiative.

Enel X has been tasked with delivering 156.9 MW of demand response capacity for the 2019 period.

Enel X will be paid 30,000 euros to deliver 45% of the 349.9MW which Terna is targeting in the DR initiative.

The target will be achieved by deploying services including mixed generation, optimised and managed energy consumption, and energy storage units such as e-mobility charging stations.

This is the first time EV charging stations will be deployed as a measure to ensure grid security and balance in Italy.

Of the 349MW of the DR capacity, 332.8MW will be made available in the north/center-north area and the 17.1MW in the center/south of Italy and islands.

Consumers will be given orders to reduce energy consumption or to supply the grid with on-site generated or EV stored energy for the reliability of the main grid.

Participating customers will be paid an annual fee and an additional fee in the event of an actual dispatching.

The project will also help improve customers services by reducing their energy bills.

For the utility, the DR project will help reduce operational costs and additional capital required to maintain and expand grid infrastructure to meet growing energy demand.

The deal with Terna expanda Enel X’s portfolio of demand response capacity to 6 GW globally.