Italy’s first residential storage-enabled DR initiative launches


Enel has unveiled the first demand response programme enabled by residential energy storage systems in Italy.

The pilot has been launched by Enel X in Bergamo, Brescia and Mantua provinces and will run through the end of 2020.

The first residential storage systems were included in the UVAM (Unità Virtuali Abilitate Miste, e.g. Mixed Enabled Virtual Units) aggregates at the end of December 2019.

The UVAM aggregates enable consumer residential energy storage systems to participate in active demand management programmes for the reliability of the grid during times when energy demand is high.

Some 100 solar PV systems with energy storage have been registered with the pilot so far. Consumer onsite solar PV and storage systems are integrated with Enel X’s communication and remote control system to enable the utility to call for their participation during peak demand periods.

Marco Gazzino, Enel X’s Head of Innovation and Product Lab, said: “The potential of this experimentation is enormous: there are thousands of residential batteries in Italy that will help ensure the stability of the power system. This is a milestone for the country on its path towards an increasingly sustainable energy model.

 “More specifically, the aggregator enables generation and storage plants distributed throughout the territory to participate in the network services market reserved until recently only to large production plants or industrial loads. Residential users will also be able to turn their batteries into active resources.”