Key takeways from global residential demand response market report


Navigant Research expects the global market for residential demand response programmes to exceed 47.4GW by 2028.

The market is expected to reach 13.8GW in 2019.

The anticipated increase in residential demand response programmes is a result of an increase in investments by utilities.

Energy providers are recognising the substantial impact residential customers have on load reduction or shift to both the capacity and open ancillary service energy markets. 

Demand response programmes have since 2010 been dominant in the commercial and industrial sectors in North America.

Most of the growth in residential demand response capacity will come from North America, followed by Europe, whilst Asia Pacific is projected to see a rise but grow relatively slowly.

The Middle East & Africa and Latin America are expected to launch their first programmes in 2020 and 2023, respectively.

Jessie Mehrhoff, research analyst with Navigant Research, said: “The residential sector will see increased demand response participation over the coming decade, with the factors driving this growth varying regionally.

“In more mature markets, new distributed energy resources (DER) technologies and advanced data analytics will drive deeper savings across RDR programs, while regions without RDR in 2019 are expected to launch their first programs in the coming decade.”

For more information about the report, visit Market Data: Residential Demand Response.