madrid city

In Spain, Madrid City has embarked on a four-year journey to improve energy efficiency in municipal buildings.

Madrid City has signed a €17 million deal with ACCIONA to enhance energy management in some 400 municipal buildings including schools, sports centres, offices and social and cultural centres.

The deal allows the implementation of a municipal energy management system which city officials will use to assess real-time data regarding the building energy consumption and to correct inefficiencies.

The energy management system is claimed to be the first of its size to be implemented in Spain.

The system will leverage big data and machine learning to capture, process and centralise management of buildings’ energy information. Data acquired will be sent to ACCIONA’s building control centre for analysis and processing and storage.

ACCIONA will make use of the data to identify buildings’ energy efficiency potential. For instance, the need to replace appliances consuming large amounts of energy with smart, automated or energy efficient devices.

The project is part of the city’s Madrid 2030 roadmap towards energy sustainability plan under which the city plans to become energy self suffient by 2030 by expanding its renewable energy portfolio.

By 2030, Madrid City has plans to monitor 80% of its municipal facilities using automated energy management systems.