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KLG Systel’s business model is a blend of industry domain knowledge and core IT/IS technology from industry leading partners. This model addresses the needs of a very wide spectrum of customers across diverse industries. Numbering over 2,000, KLG Systel’s customers include Top 500 Indian companies (government and private sector) and Indian Arms of Fortune 500 companies. Some of KLG Systel’s customers are Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd, Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd, Larsen & Toubro, Oil & Natural Gas Commission, Tata Steel, NTPC, BHEL, Punj Llyod, Reliance Petroleum, Unilever, British Gas, Reliance Industries and Nestle.

The technology solutions offered by KLG Systel align with the different stages of the life cycle of any large organisation. Embodying the KLG Systel vision, the company’s business is divided into the following strategic business units (SBUs) to enable it to cater to the specific functional and strategic needs of the industry. These offer business life cycle solutions right from concept and creation, through plant design, project execution and management operations and optimisation, to expansion and revamp:

  • Computational Engineering and Sciences
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Automation and Manufacturing
  • Enterprise Business
  • Power Systems Solutions.

KLG has evolved as one of the key players in the Indian power industry enabling ailing power utilities to understand, rectify and meet the challenges of the complex power transmission and distribution system. KLG Systel’s solutions and services in the power domain include:

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Advanced Meter Management (AMM)
  • Vidushi™ on SAP® IS-U
  • Revenue management services
  • Energy management solution/demand response system

Energy demand is growing by leaps and bounds, but there is a conflict with the very environment that supplies this energy. Prevailing methods of power production are irrevocably affecting the environment. Since electricity is an essential commodity for sustained development, and a future cannot be foreseen without it, it becomes imperative that energy conservation, energy efficiency and optimisation measures be institutionalised. The world needs a practical energy management solution that can enhance efficiency in energy consumption and bring greater intelligence to energy usage. is a merging of the Internet and power highways and empowers electricity consumers to intelligently manage their electricity consumption. – devised with the increasing need to save ‘Gaia’ (from the Greek Goddess of Earth) from the prevailing methods of power production which are irrevocably affecting the ecosystem – is a revolutionary solution to rising electricity tariffs and the power crisis on a micro level and global warming on the macro level. On the one hand, adequate and secure supplies of electricity at affordable prices are lacking, while on the other hand, society is faced with the environmental harms of producing and consuming too much electricity. This innovation enables you to login to your secure account over the Internet to view energy consumption trends in graphical format and pinpoint wasteful practices quickly. The solution is developed on IBM’s proven and tested communication protocols, database and middleware technologies. is not only smart and green, but also empowers and enables the user to take several energy efficiency and conservation steps by using cutting edge technology and wireless sensor networks. It is the platform that allows the next great era of energy efficiency, where better energy management is institutionalised and sustainable among electricity customers.

Leveraging advanced metering, sensors to measure temperature, pressure, flow, CO2 level and humidity, proven IP communication technologies and a robust IT backbone, has been designed to bring more intelligence in energy management.

With power consumers gaining visibility and the means to control their electricity consumption, connectgaia. com also facilitates participation in demand response programmes to help reduce peak load consumption. By curbing power use during peak periods, not only can money be saved but also it helps to ease the demands on power plants and distribution lines. has the potential to effect considerable savings in electricity consumption without drastic changes in lifestyle. Implementation of this technology is easy and affordable, and immediately it provides an opportunity for organisations to optimise their energy usage, effect savings on energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions, while allowing society time to develop new environment friendly energy resources.