Mexico deploys energy forecasting as a service for 10 regional offices


In Mexico, the National Energy Control Center (CENACE) has selected Itron for the provision of the firm’s energy forecasting-as-a-service outcome offering.

The aim is to ensure the reliability of the grid network through matching energy demand and supply. The solution will deliver hourly demand forecasts to CENACE’s 10 regional control offices and as far as 14 days ahead.

CENACE operates the national electricity system in Mexico.

The deal follows Mexico struggling to meet the demand for electricity in hot seasons when consumers use air conditioners more frequently.

Itron will be responsible for the delivery of the forecasting Outcome, which will be available in a cloud-based solution running on Microsoft Azure

With sophisticated algorithms and analytics toolsets, CENACE will have access through an interactive online portal to new high-resolution data sets and strong domain expertise.

“The experience, simplicity, and precision of the Itron service give us confidence,” said Guillermo Choreño, deputy director of operation of the electric market of CENACE.

“As Itron’s first Forecasting-as-a-Service outcome deployment in Latin America, we are thrilled to provide accurate forecasts to assess the current and future impacts of customer growth and technology penetration,” said Emerson Souza, Itron vice president in Latin America. “With the power and accuracy of our offering, energy retailers will be able to improve their energy models to address the increasingly distributed grid.”