Utility pilots first of its kind digital twin technology


National Grid has partnered with Utilidata and Sense to pilot the first ever digital twin of the electric grid that maps power flow, voltage, and infrastructure from the substation to the home.

The technology allows the utility to access real time data regarding the operations of appliances in the home and assets on the grid.

Utilidata has provided its energy optimisation software and Sense its intelligent home energy monitor and integrated them with machine learning capabilities.

The technology is expected to help improve grid efficiency, reliability, and utilization of distributed assets.

Using the solution, National Grid is able to respond in real-time to changing grid conditions and will also detect and forecast grid performance.

The system is expected to help the utility to accommodate a growing number of electric vehicles and sophisticated scenario modeling.

Carlos Nouel, Vice President of Smart Solutions at National Grid, said: “Sense and Utilidata have developed technologies that are intrinsic to our ability to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to our customers.

“The integration of these two technologies can demonstrate the value of real time data and enable us to optimize how we operate the system. Having this information will allow us to be even more customer-centric, responsive, and reliable.”