mesh networks, Wi-SUN

DS Technology is an information communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and services integration company and will distribute CyanConnode‘s RF Mesh networks as well as its Ominmesh platform which enables the management of multiple communication systems through one management control interface.

On the 19th November, CyanConnode signed a distribution agreement with DS Technology as a systems integration and distribution partner for the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

The Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) has estimated that GCC member states may be able to save up to $10 billion in infrastructural investment by 20201, through the use of information technology, including smart grids and smart metering.  The GCC estimate provides an immense opportunity to work with integrated utilities in the region.

Harry Berry, CyanConnode’s Chief Operating Officer, commented: “We are excited to announce this partnership with DS Technology, who have decided to replace a previous vendor’s solution with CyanConnode’s RF Mesh networks and Omnimesh.

Omar Barzanji, DS Technology’s CEO, commented: “As the integrator of one of the largest smart grid deployments in the region, [we are] delighted that [we] can now offer [our] customers CyanConnode’s RF Mesh networks and Ominmesh solutions, which are uniquely suited for our regional utilities and in the knowledge that CyanConnode’s technology has been proven by large commercial scale deployments.”

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