New partnership expands California’s demand response capacity


Google Nest has partnered with distributed energy exchange firm Leap to deploy smart thermostats for demand response in California.

Leap is now participating in the Rush Hour Rewards demand response programme owned by Google Nest in the Bay Area and Northern California.

This means consumers can now enroll their Nest smart thermostats into Leap’s distributed energy exchange platform.

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The platform will enable demand response capacity sourced from the smart thermostats can be automatically integrated into the California Independent System Operator energy wholesale market.

More than 2,500 smart thermostats have been enrolled into the Leap platform todate.

Leap also enables customers to benefit from other energy-saving conveniences by offering the Nest Hub as a reward for enrollment, giving people the ability to turn Google Assistant-connected devices off through voice or pre-set routines.

The aim is to meet real-time energy demand.

Thomas Folker, CEO of Leap, said: “Google Nest is an excellent partner to have as we continue our efforts to deliver much-needed flexible capacity in California – their decision to join the Leap Exchange is a wonderful example of using today’s increasingly smart and responsive appliances as assets that benefit the grid as a whole.

“Together with Nest, we are enabling a grid that utilizes all of its assets, large and small, to meet demand in a dynamic and more efficient manner. This is a capability that proves especially important as we enter the months of peak summer demand, and carries benefits throughout the year.

“We look forward to working with more partners like Google Nest as we prepare for expansion into new energy markets across the country – markets that face a similar need for a platform like ours which helps smart, connected devices add flexibility and resiliency to the grid.”