New partnership supports innovation in smart city and energy sectors


A new partnership has been formed by Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners and ASHRAE to support research, development and the implementation of innovative smart city and sustainable energy technologies.

Curiosity Lab is a 5G-enabled autonomous vehicle and smart city living laboratory in Atlanta.

ASHRAE represents more than 57,000 engineers in the smart building industry.

As part of the agreement reached between the two organisations, ASHRAE will move its global headquarters into the Curiosity Lab neighbourhood in Peachtree Corners.

ASHRAE will renovate its new headquarters to showcase smart energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling technologies.

The headquarters will also be used to hosts technical seminars on a wide variety of topics and will hold continuing education opportunities on a regular basis for members and industry professionals.

The lab will test the emerging smart city and sustainable energy technologies.

“Our close proximity will allow Curiosity Lab and ASHRAE to collaborate and learn from each other as we continue to encourage technological innovation and the development of the new smart city and sustainable energy concepts,” said Betsy Plattenburg, executive director of Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners.

“Peachtree Corners’ innovative approach to technology testing and development made our relocation especially appealing, and we look forward to working with both the City and Curiosity Lab to advance our smart city knowledge and capabilities,” said Jeff Littleton, Executive Vice President of ASHRAE.