New smart meter-enabled tech to help UK consumers address soaring energy prices


A new smart meter data-enabled technology has been launched by Samsung Electronics to help UK consumers improve their energy management at a time when energy prices continue to soar due to shortages of natural gas across Europe.

The platform, Samsung SmartThings Energy, developed in partnership with Chameleon Technology, is free of charge to help consumers optimise their home energy management remotely via a smartphone.

The solution is interoperable with any utility smart meter and service in the UK, according to a statement, and enables consumers to monitor the energy usage of their home appliances remotely and set budgets.

Chameleon Technology’s system enables smart meter data to be securely integrated with Samsung SmartThings Energy to enable consumers to make decisions regarding energy usage in real-time.

Teg Dosanjh, Director of Connected Services and Technology, Samsung UK and Ireland said: “In a time when people are feeling a lack of control over their energy usage, with very limited options to mitigate increasing costs, we’re pleased to be able to drive change in the energy space by launching SmartThings Energy.”

The launch of the technology comes at a time energy prices are expected to reach a new record high this coming winter and Ofgem’s energy price cap is anticipated to increase. According to research firm Cornwall Insights, the summer 2022 energy price cap level in the UK might increase by approximately 30% on the record level seen for Winter 2021-22.

Samsung Electronics predicts UK consumers could witness an energy bill hike of more than £139 a year this coming winter. However, this is where optimised energy management and the use of smart meter data can come into play and enable consumers to improve their energy savings and make sure their energy usage and prices are managed.

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Although the UK is progressing with connecting its smart meters on the national network developed by the Data Communications Company, Samsung Electronics says the country’s smart meter rollout is slow, lagging, and not where it is supposed to be now. The company claims solutions such as SmartThings Active can help boost the UK’s smart meter penetration, once consumers and utilities realise the benefits that can be reaped from smart meter data.

Mike Woodhall, the CEO of Chameleon Technology, said the platform can help consumers to play an increasing role in speeding up the net-zero transition and decarbonisation of the UK’s power sector and economy. Woodhall said energy management is a vital tool that can help utilities to expand their portfolios of renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Samsung Electronics will be partnering with uSwitch Energy to enable the platform to provide consumers with information on the best tariffs energy companies offer. This will help encourage consumer switching and competition resulting in the development of innovative offerings by utility companies.

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