North Carolina Cooperatives select partner for demand management project


In the US, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives selected Franklin Energy to manage their expanded demand response project.

Five electric cooperatives including Brunswick ElectricCarteret-Craven Electric CooperativeJones-Onslow EMCLumbee River EMC and South River EMC will leverage demand response to reduce consumer energy use during times when energy demand is high to ensure grid reliability.

North Carolina Electric Cooperatives and Franklin Energy intend to reach their goal of expanding load control programmes to 100MW capacity by the end of 2023.

The programme is available for single-family homes or multifamily property with a WiFi connection.

Franklin Energy will be responsible for consumer programme enrolment and product selection through in-field installation and customer support.

Participating customers can purchase a discounted Nest or ecobee smart thermostat and have it installed for free.

A smart thermostat and water heater controllers will automatically adjust during times of high-power demand across the electric grid, keeping energy use and costs lower while maintaining comfortable in-home and hot water temperatures.

In addition to a discounted smart thermostat, members will receive an annual $50 incentive for their continued participation and an additional $50 one-time incentive for an electric water heater controller added to the plan.

“We’re pleased to partner with Franklin Energy to deploy in-home demand response devices, including smart thermostats and water heater controls, on a wider scale,” said Jimmy Wilkins, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives Director of Portfolio and Resource Optimisation. “We’ve piloted this technology in the past, and this initiative will expand on the success of our previous efforts to further improve power reliability and help cooperative members achieve both energy and cost savings.”