US utility completes seven-year demand reduction initiative


In the US, Oklahama Gas & Electric (OG&E) has announced the success of a seven year smart grid programme.

The utility’s Integrated Volt Var (IVVC) programme has helped the utility to reduce energy demand by 2% during peak periods on its grid through the automation of grid devices.

The project will help OG&E to delay or avoid investing in new power plant capacity.

The IVVC has provided OG&E with real time voltage readings through the communication of operational data by grid assets including load tap changers, capacitor banks and voltage regulators.

The utility has been able to access real time consumer usage data. This has helped improve customer services and grid reliability through identification of grid failure, reduction in power outages and personalisation of services.

Project rollout

The programme was implemented in partnership with global professional services company Accenture and falls under the utility’s efforts to increase consumer efficiency and savings.

Accenture Consulting provided project management, distribution planning, as well as evaluation, measurement and verification services for the IVVC project.

Cristi Killian, manager of advanced grid operations and planning for OG&E, said: “We have worked with Structure, now part of Accenture, over the years to reach this point of ongoing savings for our customers by optimising voltage and reducing demand.

“In addition, we now have much greater visibility into the everyday operations of our distribution network so that our employees can provide even better customer service as we continue our smart grid journey.”

Mario Marchelli, managing director who leads Accenture’s intelligent grid operations practice in North America, added: “OG&E continues to set the standard in creating the smart grid of the future with the IVVC project.

“This project has been very rewarding for everyone involved, and I thank the entire team for the close collaboration by our companies to drive improved grid reliability through automation.”

OG&E began working with the Structure Group in 2009, and continued to work with Accenture after it acquired Structure in 2015.

The two companies focused on integrating distribution automation, advanced metering, demand response, cyber security and compliance.