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Integrated energy company Centrica has through its smart home brand Centrica Hive partnered with California-based energy management software firm OhmConnect to maximise consumer energy savings.

OhmConnect is a demand response platform, which awards its software users and customers of Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric with cash for reducing energy use when alerted to.

Customers of OhmConnect will receive a 20% discount when purchasing Hive smart home heating and cooling packs, which include a thermostat and HVAC appliances.

Customers of the energy management software firm will also be awarded with 4,000 OhmCredit points for activating Hive packs.

The partnership enables OhmConnect to remotely connect with Hive smart devices and for consumers to remotely control the energy usage of smart home appliances using their smartphones.

Roy Vella, Vice President & General Manager North America, Centrica Hive, said this will optimise consumer energy efficiency and ”… help reduce stress on the grid”.

Matt Duesterberg, CEO of OhmConnect, added: “Their best-in-class smart home products, combined with our energy sharing service, paves the way to a sustainable energy future and smart homes for everyone.”

The deal is an effort by Centrica to expand the footprint of the Hive programme. The utility plans to invest £500 million ($693 million) to expand the market presence of Hive by 2020.

To date, cumulative number of Hive Hubs installed has reached 900,000, up 71% since the start of 2017.