OSIsoft launches distributed energy resources collaborative


OSIsoft, LLC, the leader in operational intelligence and enterprise infrastructure for streaming data, is creating a community-centric data ecosystem to enable DER into the marketplace.

Over the past several years, OSIsoft has introduced new products to help industries around the world deal more effectively with data streaming from the explosion of IoT sensors.

This transformation of the PI System architecture to one that supports a community system of data, while maintaining security, reliability, and ease of interconnection to millions of systems, will provide suppliers, consumers, and service providers, a new way to effectively share and manage data.

Unlocking the value of data has become increasingly important as markets strive to create transparency and significantly simplify settlement and compliance.

The OSIsoft community system approach to data allows a utility to securely interact with grid edge devices, such as batteries, solar inverters, and EV chargers in real-time, and create new methods to help support and stabilise the electric grid, while allowing a transaction system to track, settle, and manage compliance with the market. Our real-time data infrastructure is helping to enable this efficient new marketplace by helping to realize the full potential of DER.  

“OSIsoft is pleased to announce this DER collaborative that will leverage our community system approach to data to bring the future of the digital energy market to life,” said Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, CEO and Founder of OSIsoft. “Our partners continue to create incredible value to industry and markets around the world by enabling the data streams captured in our system in new and fascinating ways. We are very excited about the potential that DER has to reshape our utility networks. Creating a community data system that allows both the operational and transaction systems access to DERs will rapidly create new value in the energy value chain.”

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