Partnership integrates EV charging and energy trading to enhance consumer flexibility


eMotorWerks and LO3 Energy have partnered to improve the reliability of grid networks by optimising consumer electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy flexibility.

The two will integrate solutions, eMotorwerks’ JuiceNet EV charging platform with L03 Energy’s energy trading tool Exergy.

This will allow the trading of local renewable energy between EV owners and local energy marketplaces comprising consumer distributed energy resources and microgrids.

Exergy will act as a data management and exchange platform that will enable price signals and peer-to-peer transactions.

The JuiceNet platform will enable management of energy flow, match energy demand from EVs and households with energy supply from DERs.

The aim of the goal is to expand the adoption of renewable energy and electric vehicles, and the use of EVs to ensure grid reliability during peaks, as well as to reduce consumer energy bills.

In today’s increasingly decentralised energy environment, utilities and grid operators are facing increased challenges to ensure a reliable, balanced and clean electric grid. Local energy trading platforms are taking a foothold as a scalable and cost-effective way to enable flexibility management, according to a statement.

Vincent Schachter, senior vice president, Energy Services of eMotorWerks:“We are looking forward to showcasing how JuiceNet can integrate with LO3’s platform to make local transactions smarter, quicker and more useful for future services.”

Lawrence Orsini, CEO of LO3 Energy, added: “As utility business models adapt from evolving regulations and competition, new products and services supporting EVs allow utilities to amplify and reinvigorate their direct customer relationship.