Power quality analyser provides breakthrough in cost and communication


Monitoring the quality of their power supply is essential for companies operating critical electronic equipment such as computers. The new Series 400 EC430 power quality analysers from PRI enable this to be done economically and reliably.

This panel meter range was developed to solve two long-standing electricity metering problems: affordable power quality measurement and low cost, continuous communication. Previously, only large manufacturers and major financial and commercial institutions could afford to purchase specialised power quality meters.

Now, for little more than the cost of a portable meter, the EC430 can provide precise analysis of electrical supply, with up to the 50th harmonic analysis, neutral current measurement and continuous recording of current and voltage.

Its Fast Ethernet interface enables data to be sent continuously over a local area network or the internet at low cost. It is usual for data to be collected on a daily basis and this means it can be up to 24 hours before a problem is noticed, whereas the continuous real-time monitoring of power quality and energy consumption offered by the web-enabled EC430 means that problems can be identified as they occur.

The unit is supplied complete with graphical and EN50160 analysis software, and as well as Ethernet, the EC430 offers a variety of interfaces including RS485 Modbus and Profibus. It has five digital outputs and eight digital inputs. A portable version, the EC431025, is available for carrying out power quality analysis at different locations. This model is ideal for electrical supply engineers and consultants to track and analyse power quality problems.