Energy efficiency financer able to cover half of Florida


US energy efficiency funding firm RenewPACE has announced that more than 50% of households in Florida now have access to its home improvement financing.

This means 10.5 million Floridians are now able to secure funding to make storm resilience and energy efficiency improvements to their homes and households.

The programme has to date helped more than 2,600 residents in Florida to implement energy efficiency upgrades.

The initiative helps property owners to finance the full critical home upgrades and then repay over time via their property tax bill.

Kirk Inglis, CEO of Renew financial, said: “Reaching half the population of Florida is a great start, but our goal is to ensure that RenewPACE is an option for property owners in every corner of the state.

“Millions of Florida homeowners still need access to RenewPACE so they can protect their homes against future storms. Providing homeowners with a trusted financing option for critical improvements is our core mission.”

“More than ever, Floridians are realising the importance of hardening their homes as a first step to becoming resilient to extreme weather,” said Florida representative Kristin Diane Jacobs.