Ryerson University partner in developing Cognitive Conservation tech


In Canada, Ryerson University has extended its partnership with customer engagement firm Screaming Power in developing an advanced energy and grid management technology.

The technology Cognitive Conservation will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help energy users improve their behaviours.

The system integrates climate, market and energy consumption data to provide consumers with energy efficiency tips and to remotely shift consumer heavy usage from peak to off-peak periods.

The extension of the partnership is being made possible by a grant secured from research and development consortium SOSCIP’s Accelerator HQP.

The grant funds training of a Ryerson Master of Computer Science student working with Screaming Power’s big data platform to gain practical experience using machine-learning models in the energy industry.

Screaming Power built the Mobile Energy Data Platform infrastructure which will be used to communicate with consumer smart home devices, cloud platforms and the grid.

Conservation becomes “cognitive” when all the statically-configured buildings of a community or building portfolio are replaced with self-adjusting and self-aware buildings.

Cherie Ding, Professor at the Computer Science Department of Ryerson University says “Utilising the existing research accomplishments, which have also been in part funded through SOSCIP, establishes a strong coordination between academia and business.

“Screaming Power is establishing the first customer-centric universal toolset using mobile/cloud technology to deliver & share energy information electronically with energy utilities and their customers which is exciting real-life research for us all. This HQP grant provides a great opportunity for our graduate student to gain hands-on experience in applying machine-learning techniques in real-world applications.”

The CFO of Screaming Power, Greg Doucette, states that “Working closely with our research partners, Ryerson and SOSCIP, is a key advantage providing access to important Ontario resources that assists us in developing novel methodologies and IP in energy marketplace worldwide”.