Seven projects submitted for smart grid funding in U.K.


London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — June 18, 2012 – Britain’s network operators have submitted seven projects with a value of £81.5 million for the next round of funding from the Low Carbon Networks Fund.

The seven projects are as follows.

Electricity North West Limited is requesting £10.9 million for the CLASS (Customer Led Ancillary Services Support) project, which is aimed to demonstrate the provision of ancillary services automatically or on request by innovative management of the high voltage distribution network.

Scottish Power is requesting £9 million for the ARC (Accelerating Renewable Connections) project, which will trial a new renewable connections process along with new incentive-based commercial arrangements and the technology to accelerate the renewable connection process.

Scottish and Southern is requesting £13.5 million for the PATHS (Powering Agriculture, Transport and Heat Sustainability) project, which will integrate local renewable energy production with energy storage and demand side management to meet local heat, power and transport needs.

Scottish and Southern is also requesting £2.5 million for the I2EV (Innovation-squared: managing unconstrained EV connections) project, which is aimed to deliver learning on managing the strain placed on the distribution network by the increased uptake of electric vehicles.

UK Power Networks is requesting £15.2 million for the SNS (Smarter Network Storage) project, which will develop novel commercial arrangements between system participants to ensure the most efficient use of storage for the whole system.

Western Power Distribution is requesting £13.4 million for the Advanced Fault Level Management project, which will assess different methods to reduce fault level, including state estimation, real time modeling and the introduction of new technologies.

Northern Powergrid is requesting £17 million for the GB Flexibility Market project, which aims to create a multi-party market that will facilitate demand side response to be traded, potentially alongside other flexibility services.

This will be the third round of funding from the Fund, which is providing up to £64 million per year over five years for large projects. In 2010 four projects were awarded almost £62 million, and last year six projects were awarded £57 million.

The project applicants are now required to submit full bids on their projects and the recipients will be announced by Ofgem in November/December.