Smart cable grid monitoring enters Swedish market for the first time


Swedish utility Oresundskraft has partnered with DNV GL to monitor large sections of its power grid using smart cable technology.

The utility will install DNV GL’s Smart Cable Guard to manage grid assets in real-time and pinpoint faults and weak spots in cables to an accuracy of 1%.

This is the first time a smart cable technology has been installed for grid management in Sweden.

The system measures faults (short circuits) and partial discharges using sensors and then sends data via a secured internet connection to the DNV GL SCG server where the measured data is analysed and interpreted in order to evaluate the type, severity and location of the problem.

Öresundskraft then receives a warning email indicating a threat level between 1-3. 

Each sensor is capable of monitoring up to 5km of power cable including intermediate power stations.

The project follows successful trials of the Smart Cable Guard with 12 monitoring systems. Öresundskraft expanded its roll-out to a total of 28 installations.

The project is expected to help reduce downtime that results from faults in medium voltage cables and in secondary substations. The development will minimize both duration and frequency of outages in the medium voltage grid.

70% of electricity outages are caused by problems in underground medium-voltage cable networks which have a disruptive impact on society, according to a statement.

The technology will help Oresundskraft in planning grid maintenance and investments.

Magnus Sjunnesson, technical manager at Öresundskraft/Distribution commented: “Efficient monitoring of infrastructure such as cables and accessories is vital to ensure power grids are better prepared to deal with the dynamic impact of our changing energy landscape. Getting the information early and in real time is a big step forward in our proactive work both to be a reliable electricity grid supplier and in our ambition to be involved in and drive the development of the future’s smart grid.”

“In the next 10 years we’ll need more than $1.5trn of annual investment to expand and reinforce power grids so that they can deal with the growing share of renewable energy. Technology such as a Smart Cable Guard can help grid operators to be better prepared by acting as an early warning system, resulting in significantly fewer failures compared to traditional monitoring solutions, thereby helping the system operators to improve both societal and financial outcomes from their operations,” added Prajeev Rasiah, Executive Vice President for DNV GL’s Energy business in Northern Europe, Middle East & Africa.