SoCalGas partners with Bidgely for AI-based home energy reporting

SoCalGas has partnered with Bidgely to help medium consumption customers to save energy and costs.

By deploying an AI-based home energy report developed by Bidgely, SoCalGas has helped its customers to save over 286,500 therms in less than four months. This is equivalent to eliminating more than 1,670, 500 pounds of coal burned or 3,510 barrels of oil consumed.

The utility has recorded 50% open rates, which is double the utility industry norm, and 81% “Like” ratings for deployed home energy reports.

The AI-based digital home energy reports are part of efforts by the utility to expand its investments in digital technologies and to improve customer engagement.

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The digital HER programme is set to measure a full year’s savings and has so far delivered monthly home energy alerts and home comparison alerts to more than 405,000 customers, including personalised, behavioral energy efficiency recommendations.

Dr. Liza Legaspi, programme manager at SocalGas, said: “AI and data-driven programmes have the incredible ability to increase customer savings, engagement and satisfaction through Advanced Meters.

“With the goal of expanding energy efficiency among average consumption customers through cost-effective digital channels, we used Bidgely’s solution to personalize our approach and better understand our customers’ needs and motivations.”

Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely, said: “SoCalGas’s immediate success again debunks the myth that only high energy users can benefit from HER programmes. The use of AI and digital-first programmes to facilitate more inclusive services prove comprehensive and diverse customer savings are possible.

“The paradigm shift underway in-home energy reporting, as evidenced with SoCalGas, shows how utilities can provide a superior level of service and a personalized energy experience to customers in ways that help them enhance overall business operations.”

SoCalGas is the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility, serving 21.8 million consumers in more than 500 communities throughout Central and Southern California, from Visalia to the Mexican border.