SCE and California wildfire


Southern California Edison (SCE), through its Emergency Operations Centre, has mobilised resources and crews in wildfire-affected areas in Ventura and Los Angeles.

The crews will assist first responders and begin restoring power in communities affected, once it is safe to do so.

As of 5:45 pm on Friday the 9th of November, 23,000 customers were without power. 20,000 of the customers were in Los Angeles.

The fires have caused massive damage to SCE equipment and the utility is set to assess the damage using air patrollers.

So far, 23 people have been reported dead.

However, flight restrictions are still in place due to fire-fighting operations.

“So far this year an area larger than Belgium and Luxembourg has burned in California,” according to BBC News.

The fires are expected to intensify and up to 250,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.

This follows Southern California Edison admitting that its grid infrastructure caused the Liberty Fire, last month.

The fire burnt 300 acres of land and destroyed several buildings.

However, the US president is blaming the fires to poor management of forestry.

Southern California Edison says there is a need to develop comprehensive policies and measures to address the growing threats on human life, the environmental and utility infrastructure in California.

The energy provider says there is a need to increase funding towards measures to suppress wildfires and will increase its investments towards the resiliency of infrastructure against fires.

The announcement follows Southern California Edison submitting its initial electric safety incident report on the Woolsey Fire, with the California Public Utilities Commission.

The report highlights the damage caused by the fire and how the utility managed to respond to outages caused.

The energy provider also filed its Grid Safety and Resiliency Programme, which includes enacting fire-smart building codes.