Con Edison unveils unique residential smart energy pilot

US utility Con Edison has selected Sunverge to implement its integrated smart home, demand response, energy storage and clean energy initiative.

Sunverge will supply its integrated energy storage and dynamic virtual power plant platform for the utility’s Smart Home rate project.

The pilot will combine advanced residential time-of-use energy tariffs, battery energy storage and solar PV to improve consumer and grid efficiency and reliability.

The aim is to expand the utility’s grid integrated distributed energy resources.

The Sunverge system is expected to help consumers to make use of time-variant supply charges, a daily demand charge, and event-based coincident demand charges to optimise their energy management and reduce costs.

The system will automatically manage power flows behind the meter to optimise the use of grid power, battery storage, solar self-generation, and smart home appliances.

Martin Milani, CEO at Sunverge, said: “In order to meaningfully integrate renewables into the grid, we need dynamic pricing coupled with near real-time local generation, storage, load control and response.

“By getting dynamic price signals to intelligent and dynamic local control, coupled with near real-time response to the price signals, the Sunverge platform allows for creation and orchestration of flexible load shape – one of the most important components for the distributed and self-balancing smart grids of the future.”