Support for prepayment, SCADA in Suriname from IDB


Two loans totaling $40 million have been granted by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to introduce prepayment and SCADA among other developments and upgrades to Suriname’s power sector.

Together the loans are intended to support the country’s plans to improve the quality and reliability of the local electricity service, and to increase the sustainability of the power sector.

The three components of the program are as follows:
● Improve the operations of the national electric company Energiebedrijven Suriname (EBS): This will include the implementation of a SCADA system and new IT solutions including an integrated ERP application and a GIS

● Sustainable rural electrification: This will include upgrades to the distribution system in Powakka village and surrounding communities, including the introduction of prepaid metering to about 2,300 households, and its integration into the local grid, and upgrades to the grid in the Atjoni district

●Critical infrastructure: This will include rehabilitation and upgrading of two existing 33/12/6 kV substations supplying energy to the north of the capital, Paramaribo.

Suriname has a total installed generation capacity of about 290 MW, comprised of hydropower and thermal plants, while many rural villages have diesel generators, and the transmission and distribution infrastructure exhibits critical deterioration. With strong growth in energy demand, the sector faces significant challenges, with these forming part of the response and contributing to the establishment of a national sustainable energy framework.