Survey results expose greatest threats to grid security


The results of the 2018 BRIDGE Index Utility Industry Grid Security Survey were released today revealing the greatest threats to grid operations and security.

The survey results reveal the following insights:

• Three of the top four skills gaps are related to security.
• 47% of utility companies have major compliance projects planned for the next 24        months – up 28% from last year’s survey.
• Skills gaps are likely to impact project schedules and potentially expose weak spots    to be exploited.
• CIP compliance, security tools, and compliance automation among the top skills          gaps.
• Respondents reveal that greatest impact on operations is changing cyber-security       landscape

This year, the survey uncovered that many utilities may be overly reliant on NERC CIP compliance requirements for assessing risk to Real-time operations.

Eighty one per cent (81%) of survey respondents indicated they are not using a complete and reliable method.

“As the utility industry extends connection to intelligent electronic devices such as inverters out to the grid edge, the complexities in securing operations from an ever-growing volume of users and devices increases,” said Richard Jones, VP, BRIDGE Energy Group.

“To reduce risk, it is important, perhaps even essential that utilities optimise their cybersecurity and CIP compliance operations,” Jones added.

The annual survey documents how utility companies in North America are addressing many areas that could impact national security.

Download the survey results here.