Sydney Opera House declared carbon neutral


The famous Sydney Opera House in Australia has achieved certification as a carbon neutral organisation.

This certification means that the Opera House can declare carbon neutrality for all its daily business operations, including but not limited to staff travel, catering, IT, electricity, advertising and waste.

The Opera House’s certification follows several years of improvements to energy use and efficiency to ensure the organisation has reduced its emissions as much as possible.

Since 2011 the Opera House has reduced its emissions by 14% by optimising the building’s heating and cooling system, implementing a new waste management system, and replacing both the concert hall and back-of-house lighting with LED lighting.

Emissions that cannot be reduced any further have been offset by the Opera House by investing in projects that reduce global emissions and deliver additional environmental benefits.

The Opera House has invested in a wind farm in India and has also purchased dual credit offset units that combine Victorian biodiversity conservation with international emissions reduction through a solar project in Thailand.

For more information about their carbon neutral certification, click here.