TenneT to pilot household flexibility in managing grid congestion


TenneT is partnering with software provider GreenCom Networks to pilot securing flexibility on the blockchain-based Equigy platform.

The trial is aimed to test ways in which decentralised energy producers, consumers and storage can be integrated to prevent bottlenecks in the transmission system and to balance out fluctuations in power generation and consumption.

To this end, GreenCom will aggregate the control of smart devices such as heat pumps and electric vehicles of the test customers on the company’s own platform and then offer these capacities on the Equigy Crowd Balancing Platform. From there, TenneT, the transmission system operator (TSO) with operations in Germany and the Netherlands, can call them up if necessary.

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Household flexibility is considered key to delivering ancillary services to the networks with rewards for the providers but need to be aggregated to provide manageable capacity.

A special feature of the project is considered to be the large variety of flexibility options that are offered. These include battery storage and charging stations for EVs as well as heat pumps, night storage heaters and solar PV systems.

One objective of the pilot, which will run for an initial 12 months, is to better understand the processes from the TSO down to flexibility providers. With integration into GreenCom’s virtual power plant, the requirements of the test customers, such as a fully charged EV in the morning, can be matched to the requirements of the transmission system.

If corresponding requirements exist, the operation of the decentralised installations can be optimised so that the congestion in the grid can be reduced and limitations on the feed-in of renewable power can be minimised or prevented.

The Equigy platform has been developed by TenneT and other European TSOs to automate the integration and control of small scale flexible devices.

The first initiative on the platform was launched by TenneT in March securing flexibility from a 1MW battery connected to solar park at Heeten in the east of the Netherlands.

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