The Energy Transition Technology Chat – Episode 6: Spatial collaboration and AR


In this episode in our series of Energy Transition Chat videos, Kevin O’Donovan spoke with Alex Hern, Founder & CEO and Antony Duca, Chief Product Officer at Tsunami XR to chat on spatial collaboration and augmented reality in the utility space.

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • An overview of Tsunami XR Workspaces
  • An on-demand, persistent, any-device, any content digital meeting space
  • Tsunami XR Studio, a complete 3D rendering, animation, simulation and visualization solution
  • Device agnostic; any device, any time, anywhere
  • Take advantage of your exiting investments
  • Unlimited ‘spatial collaboration’
  • Collaborating in real -time, yet with persistence
  • Different users join the same workspace at different times and just continue
  • Their work with EPRI on Energy Industry use cases
  • The state of Augmented Reality in Industry today
  • What’s going from Tsunami XR in 2019+

For transparency, Kevin personally selected Tsunami to feature on this episode.

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