US national laboratory evaluates microgrid monitoring system


The US Department of Energy (DoE) has through its national laboratory selected a partner to test and evaluate smart grid technologies.

The DoE’s Idaho National Laboratory is partnering with OsiSoft to help public and private organisations to accelerate the adoption of advanced energy solutions.

OsiSoft is providing its PI System and expertise to enable the testing and evaluation of microgrid technologies.

For instance to:

  • Improve operational resiliency across critical infrastructure and networks 
  • Increase situational awareness for any operational domain 
  • Understand return on investment for renewable technology investments 
  • Enhance microgrid operations and sustainment 
  • Eliminate silos of operational data and create a common operational picture

The project is part of efforts to address energy challenges due to increased integration of distributed energy resources with main grid networks and the growing threat posed to energy infrastructure by cyber-attacks.

The deal will help expand portfolios of renewable energy resources to secure the supply of energy in the future, at the same time lining up with environmental regulations to reduce carbon footprints.

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Nicholas Nhede is an experienced energy sector writer based in Clarion Event's Cape Town office. He has been writing for Smart Energy International’s print and online media platforms since 2015, on topics including metering, smart grids, renewable energy, the Internet of Things, distributed energy resources and smart cities. Originally from Zimbabwe, Nicholas holds a diploma in Journalism and Communication Studies. Nicholas has a passion for how technology can be used to accelerate the energy transition and combat climate change.