US Navy awards $58 million contract for energy resiliency project


The US Navy has selected energy services firm Ameresco to implement a $58 million energy resiliency project at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine.

The energy savings performance contract includes installing on-site generation, battery storage and microgrid controls.

Ameresco will expand an existing 14MW power plant by adding 7.5MW of combined heat and power capacity, a 1.0MW/2.0MWh battery energy storage system as well as modernise energy distribution lines.

Ameresco had previously installed an existing microgrid at the base as part of a 2015 Department of Defense (DoD) grant project which was administered by the Environmental Security Technology Certification Programme.

A new 800 HP steam-turbine driven air compressor that will serve the Shipyard’s extensive industrial compressed air loads utilising “free” cogenerated steam as opposed to grid purchased electricity will also be installed.

The infrastructure and technologies to be installed meet DoD and Navy cybersecurity requirements.

The aim of the project is to maximize energy security while reducing energy costs.

After construction is completed in 2022, Ameresco will operate and maintain ESPC-delivered systems until January 2044. The ESPC will generate more than $175 million in guaranteed cost savings over the 22-year performance period following construction.

“By extending our partnership with PNSY to increase on-site generation, deploy energy storage, and integrate a broad range of generation assets into a fully independent microgrid, we will ensure that the Shipyard is able to continue providing high-quality service to Navy’s fleet,” said Nicole Bulgarino, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Federal Solutions at Ameresco. “This project builds on our decades-long partnership with PNSY to assure the Shipyard’s vital national security mission, even in the event of a prolonged loss of utility.”