Utility disruption: Top 4 trends to keep an eye on


Bradley Williams, vice president industry strategy, Oracle, spoke to Smart Energy International about key trends disrupting utility business models.

Trends to watch:

  1. Adoption of rooftop solar and small wind turbines at the grid edge and increased use of distributed energy. This will be seen in new buildings, as well as retrofitting older buildings
  2. Risk management strategies will change due to increased adoption of renewables. We will see decreased visibility and control of the grid edge, as well as intermittent supply due voltage fluctuations

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyGfGOKOtWs]

3. Growth of IoT enabled devices, sensors, controls are part of everyday life. This is influencing grid communications and how utilities use the data as an energy resource to optimise the grid edge

4. DERMS will see utilities trying to integrate renewables into grid management and optimisation models, with the aim of mitigating and predicting where disruption will occur