Utility set plans for 2022-2023 peak demand


US utility EL Paso Electric has set a plan on how it will expand its energy resources to meet the 2022-2023 summer peak energy demand.

EL Paso is investing in additional renewable energy generation and in energy storage to be able to add the 370MW in energy capacity required through 2023.

Approximately 50 MW of energy capacity is required by 2022 and 320 MW by 2023.

EL Paso Electric is purchasing 200MW of utility-scale solar, 100MW of battery storage and 226MW of natural gas energy by 2023.

In addition, El Palso Electric expects to pursue the purchase of 50 to 150 MW of wind and solar generated power to provide for fuel diversity and energy cost savings.

The energy provider is yet to secure approval from the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to implement the projects.

The plan is part of efforts by the utility to expand its renewables portfolio, reduce carbon emissions and to improve customer services by providing customers with affordable energy.

Mary Kipp, CEO at El Paso Electric President, said: “This balanced combination of resources will work with our existing energy portfolio as we move to retire aging, less efficient plants while continuing to meet our customers’ changing energy needs.”