Utility streamlines energy procurement with new alliance deal


Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC) and the Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TCEC) have created an energy procurement alliance.

This means the two will jointly source energy to provide their members from a single provider.

By utilising TEC’s buying TCEC streamlines their energy procurement process and saves time and money.

Johnny Andrews, COO of TEC Manufacturing & Distribution Services, said: “This new sole source alliance is an incredible opportunity for both organisations.”It greatly expands TEC’s service area, allowing us to better serve a strategically important region in Texas.”

The deal adds over 8,991 miles of distribution line and over 114,000 meters into the service area.

Representing TEC’s 26th alliance, TCEC is located in an area of very high growth and serves 16 counties. TCEC is dedicated to putting member-owners first, and not only serves North Texas with electricity but also emphasises safety, environmental management, and community engagement and training programs.

CEO of TCEC, said: “Our alliance with TEC allows us to streamline our supply chain so we can focus on increasing value to our member owners, beyond reliable service.”

“Alliances not only benefit individual cooperatives, but they benefit Texas cooperatives as a whole,” Andrews explained. “Every new partnership further strengthens the bargaining power of current partners and justifies efforts to expand our network of alliances.

TEC represents the interests of 75 electric cooperatives with nearly three million members throughout the state.

TCEC provides energy to members in 16 counties.