Utility use of blockchain intensifies, GridPlus joins the queue


In the US state of Texas, energy retailer GridPlus has partnered with customer information solutions firm SmartGridCIS to innovate its energy procurement and management.

GridPlus will use a blockchain technology to automate its energy billing system.

The technology will provide the utility with a more accurate and efficient retail energy system and allow the use of artificial intelligence and a wide range of new technologies.

The project will enable consumers to access their energy usage data in real-time via an in-home smart agent-device. This will help consumers improve their energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

On the utility’s side, the development will help improve customer service, enable maximum management of grid network and reduce operational costs and carbon emissions.

John Werner, CEO of GridPlus, commented: “Giving customers more choices and more control over their energy usage is at the heart of the Grid+ business model and the SmartGridCIS billing solution was the logical choice to facilitate our billing needs.

“It gives us the ability to fully leverage tools within the market by customising the software to suit our back-office, operational needs. It is a perfect match for Grid+ and what we are setting out to accomplish”.