Venezuela hit by worst blackout since March


Venezuela has been hit by its worst blackout, in a series of power outages, since March this year.

The outage lasted for 2 hours and has affected 14 of the country’s 24 states, according to the Guardian.

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BBC claims the blackout was felt in 18 states.

The March blackout affected all of the country’s 23 states and lasted for days.

Image credit: CNN News

The country’s telecommunications infrastructure went down – 94% was affected.

The one experienced in March left the people without access to water, transport and health care for days.

The government claims the blackout was due to an electromagnetic attack on the country’s power grid.

Image credit: CNN News

The attack targeted the Guri dam hydro facility which provides 80% of the country’s energy, according to the government.

Blame is being given to the US government.