VW and Walmart to bring ultra-fast EV chargers to retail outlets across the US


Walmart stores across 34 states will receive DC fast charging stations in their parking lots, thanks to a partnership with Volkswagen’s EV-oriented subsidiary, Electrify America.

The charging systems will have a range in power from 50kW – the most commonly used fast charging for electric vehicles today, up to 350kW for its highway stations.

The network of chargers is expected to be complete in June 2019, providing electric vehicles with EV charging points every 150 miles, with an average distance of 70 miles between Walmart stores.

The project is focused on consumer convenience. Those who drive or are considering purchasing an electric vehicle and EV owners can manage their charging session with a smartphone via an app and charge while they shop.

“Along with providing our customers with an enhanced shopping experience through added convenience, this initiative also allows us to contribute to the expansion of our nation’s EV charging station infrastructure,” said Mark Vanderhelm, vice president of energy at Walmart.

“Providing this service is the right thing to do for our customers, our business, and the environment.”

Mark McNabb, President and CEO of Electrify America says: “the expansion of Walmart’s electric vehicle charging facilities with ultra-fast charging systems will provide customers with a quick and convenient way to charge their vehicles in the time it takes to make their Walmart purchases.”

“Walmart is the perfect partner for Electrify American to bring charging services to EV owners who value their time.”

The full Volkswagen-backed network of chargers will connect along the Interstate 80 corridor, linking 17 major metropolitan areas including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Raleigh, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.