Webinar: The race to the future utility


Thu, Oct 3, 2019 2:00 PM BST

Digital has transformed utilities and the industry as we knew it. Now, energy as a service providers are pivoting away from digital for the sake of innovation to digital for the sake of business.

There is a laser sharp focus on applying digital technologies to address the future of work, customer engagement, intelligence, operations, and leadership.

Join IDC for this webinar, where we will the analysts will share insights on this topic and provide a preview of the IDC Utilities Executive Summit 2020. The theme of the summit is The Race to the Future Utility — Run like

There’s no Tomorrow, with workshops, panels, and debates focusing on how European utilities organisations will rearchitect for scale with an intelligent core, putting data at their center for comprehensive awareness, human decision-maker augmentation, and machine decision-making automation.

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