Webinar: transforming incident management processes using real-time data

Live: Wednesday, July 8th @9:30am PT | 4:30pm GMT

Incidents, though often unfortunate, represent incredible opportunities. With the right data strategy, a utility can not only respond to and correct the situation, but also compile and analyse data that can play a critical role in the success of a future digital transformation strategy. This effort has evolved over time with the adoption of real-time series data technology and infrastructure.

Join Bill McEvoy, Industry Principal for Transmission and Distribution at OSIsoft, as he explains how utilities can leverage real-time data to:

  • Avoid redundant incidents and improve team-wide communication and collaboration
  • Measure incident response effort and demonstrate incident management value
  • Track continuous improvement and manage Security Risk within their critical control systems
  • Minimize and optimize load balancing on SCADA and System Security Modeling Systems