New Zealand district council chases deadline for LED retrofits


Whakatane District Council has selected wireless smart city applications firm Telensa to modernise its streetlights system.

Whakatane District Council will deploy the company’s PLANet intelligent streetlighting system to remotely operate and manage some 2,500 smart streetlights.

The project is part of efforts by the New Zealand Transport Agency to convert existing road lighting to LED. Installation is expected to be complete by June 2018.

Remote monitoring of the smart streetlights is expected to help the city to reduce energy and maintenance costs, improve quality of service through automatic fault reporting, and turn streetlight poles into hubs for smart city sensors.

Council Transportation Manager Martin Taylor. “This project is a significant step forward in intelligent infrastructure and will deliver a safer, smarter, and more efficient service environment for District residents.”

Will Gibson, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Telensa, added: “Following our recent announcement with Wellington, we are delighted to be working with Whakatane to deliver a more efficient streetlighting service, one that can respond to the District’s changing needs.”

To date, the PLANet system is being used to connect 1.5 million lights globally.