ZigBee energy efficiency solution eliminates energy waste


Zigbee LogoBoston, MA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 19, 2006 – A new ZigBee wireless environmental automation system is enabling hotels and other facilities to eliminate energy waste and slash energy costs up to 40 per cent. ZigBee is a global wireless industry standard designed for remote monitoring, control and sensor networks.

Invented by Riga Development, a systems integration and information technology solutions provider based in Toronto, Canada, the WiSuite™ Environmental Management System uses Ember Corporation’s ZigBee wireless networking technology to allow property owners to automate and control the energy efficiency of every room, without compromising occupants’ comfort. Ember enables communication among embedded microcontrollers with standards-based wireless mesh networking semiconductors and software.

The ZigBee-based WiSuite system automatically self-configures into a wireless mesh network of WiState digital thermostats, appliances and receivers installed throughout a building. The WiStats and other appliance controls monitor the environment of the rooms, providing a comfortable experience for occupants while reducing energy use in unoccupied rooms.

A WiSuite Conrol Center, securely accessible from any web browser, allows facility managers and front desk hotel staff to control the devices, monitor their status, and set up custom schedules. To automate energy savings, WiSuite connects to a hotel’s existing reservation system through the WiSuite Reservations Bridge, enabling it to respond automatically to check in and check out dates and times.

WiSuite devices can run for years on inexpensive AA batteries, communicating with receivers integrated into existing appliances. Because it uses ZigBee, the system is scalable to tens of thousands of devices.