ADB, China Gas deal to ensure continued supply during on-going pandemic

China Gas has received a $20 million loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to ensure continued supply of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas to hospitals, households, industry and services crucial to the response of the Coronavirus in Hubei province.

A transport lockdown implemented in Hubei province hindered the delivery of natural gas for daily hot water, cooking, hospital needs, industry, and other commercial uses.

The loan will ensure the delivery to outskirts of cities that are more severely affected because they are not connected to city gas distribution networks.

Liu Minghui, the president of China Gas, said: “I am very grateful to ADB for providing financing assistance to fight the coronavirus outbreak, based on our partnership to promote clean energy.

”We have been at the frontline since day one of the outbreak. We faced numerous difficulties to secure gas supply to households and satisfy the needs of medical institutions for emergency supplies. Through our online service platform and logistics system, we deliver not only gas but also food items that are essential to affected communities under lockdown.”

“ADB’s support will help ensure the uninterrupted supply of essential energy services to cities in Hubei province and further limit the toll of the pandemic on human and economic health,” said ADB’s Private Sector Operations Department Director-General Mike Barrow. “The assistance will help cover short-term financing needs and enhance the resilience of cities to continue the fight against COVID-19.”

China Gas has more than 3 million end-users in Hubei province.

The energy transition is a hot topic disrupting the utility industry in Asia and will be a key focus at Enlit Asia which takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 23-25 March. For more details click here.