Enel launches supplier innovation and sustainability programme


Italian multinational utility Enel has unveiled an initiative to help companies that the group works with to integrate and improve innovation and sustainability within operations.

Enel’s Supplier Development Programme will provide partners of the utility in Italy with funding, managerial training and programmes for innovation, circular economy and internationalisation.

The programme will be extended to other countries in which the utility operates and will include 300 suppliers.

The aim is to make its supply chain more solid, high performing and innovative, whilst promoting the sustainable development of the companies Enel works with.

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The programme promotes the financial and managerial growth of participating companies and to contribute to better cost-efficiency.

Francesco Starace, the CEO of Enel, said: “Our suppliers play a crucial role in reaching the targets linked to the energy transition.

We are proud to have launched an innovative programme that aims to accompany SMEs operating in key sectors for Enel, with dedicated services offered by our selected partners, towards sustainable, technological, and skill-related development, making the Italian industry once again highly qualified, competitive and innovative.”

Stefano Buffagni, the deputy minister for economic development in Italy, adds: “Over the three-year period, the government has allocated 7 billion euros for the digitalization and innovation of Italian companies.

“At the same time, we are opening a dialogue with the business world and stakeholders to better define future measures and to develop policies taking into account different types of businesses. I believe it is necessary to push the innovation of the supply chains to bring digitalisation even to the smallest companies that are lagging behind and on which the Government has focused the new incentive plan.

“Enel’s initiative goes exactly in the direction of sustainable development which entails innovation, employment, and setting in motion a virtuous circle that generates added value for the country and quality employment.”